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Dive Into the IPTV 2021 Demand

We can say that after a difficult year we are finally turning to brighter topics, as we dive into the IPTV 2021 reports. Certainly, the announcement of the successful year ahead applies to MatrixStream. The reason behind it is the recognition we have received as one of the market leaders in IPTV services.



Latest IPTV 2021 Reports

Last year was very challenging in terms of recognizing the needs of users and responding to them in a quick fashion. In periods of lockdown and moments when everything had stopped, we were not allowed to stop.

We have managed to acknowledge and constantly listen to the needs of users and always take it one step further when it comes to providing IPTV services. That’s why we are where we are! Recent reports speak in favor of this. Furthermore, according to the latest Orbis IPTV 2021 RESEARCH we are recognized as a real contender of the global IPTV Subscriber market. The full report can be found and ordered here.



What Do We Do In Essence?


We provide a complete end-to-end IPTV solution. Offering any service provider the ability to start an IPTV service instantly. Our solution consists of IPTV middleware servers, HD IP 1080p set-top box, PVR (Personal Video Recorder), HD streaming over the Internet PC player, complete customizable EPG (Electronic Programming Guide), HD video-on-demand servers, HD and SD video encoders, solid-state video streaming servers, and MatrixCast streaming protocol. Moreover, we are delivering an unparalleled digital TV user experience that’s superior to existing cable and satellite TV. Lastly, our solution is easy to deploy with comes at a much lower cost than traditional IPTV solutions.



IPTV 2021 | Deep Dive Into Our Services


Many startups have entered the scene and tried to take a piece of the market cake without taking into account what the basis of every IPTV service is. Reliability. Therefore, reliability is the main difference that separates us from others. That is why MatrixStream is mentioned in the majority of IPTV 2021 market reports. Contact our sales team today and find out why we are the best in the business.

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